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9GRAMS Wholegrain Energy Bars-Chocolate
9GRAMS Wholegrain Energy Bars-Chocolate
9GRAMS Wholegrain Energy Bars-Chocolate

9GRAMS Wholegrain Energy Bars-Chocolate

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Energy bar-Chocolate

9GRAMS Wholegrain Energy Bars | 42gms x 5 bars + 1 Nut Butter | Chocolate | Contains

wholegrains (Oats, Ragi, Wheat), Nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts), Dry Fruits (Raisins, Figs) | Healthy diet
snack to carry everywhere.


  • The Only Bar where ingredients are roasted in Hazelnut butter to give an amazing flavor and
  • Made with all natural and nutritious ingredients including
  1. Rolled Oats, a superfood considered as complex carbohydrate
  2. Hazelnut Butter, high in unsaturated (good) fat
  3. Figs (Anjeer), excellent source of Potassium & Calcium
  4. Extra virgin coconut oil
  • Low temperature roasting keeps the nutrients intact
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil used in preparation has all the good fats. These medium chain fatty
    acids are easy on stomach and get used as energy rather than stored as fats.


Our Bar is 100% Natural and made with Premium ingredients. In one of its kind process, Oats are

slow roasted with Hazelnut Butter to give an amazing flavor and aroma. It is then combined with

Crunchy wheat flakes and chewy figs to create a bar which is not just great in taste but also full of

Nutrition. Our Slow Roasting technique maintains the nutrients and gives this bar just the perfect


Use this Energy bar

  1. As a on-the-go snack
  2. To Satiate your hunger
  3. With a Cup of tea/Coffee
  4. Pre-Post Work Out
  5. In between your games


Q: what is an energy/protein bar?

A: When you are looking for something to satisfy hunger pangs in between your meals or something


for your pre/post workout meal, go for a good energy or nutrition bar. These bars are formulated to

give you all the nutrients that you need and also keep you feeling satiated for longer.


Q: what is the difference between energy, protein, breakfast and snack bar?

A: An energy bar is full of carbohydrates to give an instant boost of energy. While a protein bar has

high protein content which works as a meal replacement bar. A good breakfast bar would have a

good quantity of wholegrain in it along with protein. A snack bar would generally have high qty of

carbs and sugar to help you feel full for long


Q: There are so many bars in market, What is different about 9GRAMS bar ?

A:  Some bars are not baked and taste like like raw dough, some have loads of sugar, but not this

one. It is perfectly baked so that it is crunchy enough to eat with your tea and chewy enough to have

between meals. Best things is that all ingredients are well balanced, it is healthy and tastes too

good; we bet you just can not stop at one.


Q: What about 9GRAMS?

A:  We at 9GRAMS believe that no ingredient is bad; all we need to stay healthy is to eat in

moderation and exercise daily. All our products are well curated and made with full honesty; all

ingredients are listed with percentage on our product label. We balance everything and give you the

product which is rich in all essentials and what more it will have 9 grams of protein in every

Enjoy our products and do not forget to exercise daily :)



9GRAMS Energy Bar-Made of everything Good

We make sure that the bar you get has the best of ingredients and is great on your taste buds.

Only bar infused with Premium Nut Butters to give amazing Flavour and Aroma

Have it with a cup of tea, during an office break or after a big game; it is sure to satiate your

Bars Available in a variety pack where you can taste all our 5 bars