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top 3 healthy Travel Snacks
3 Things to carry as a snack while on Travel

3 Things to carry as a snack while on Travel

Toiling weeks, months over calls, office and what not. We all look forward to a break. (Holiday I mean 😊). Some are super planned with standard locations, some book last minute, some chose off-beat locations and start the journey.

What about food and snacks? That’s part of the trip, right!

Think again!!

While local food, delicacies and destination’s famous restaurant are a must (Zomato rating >4), Snacks always from outside is NOT a must for holiday.

It might sound boring (and Dadi Naani types) but yes, you need to carry good quality packaged snacks along while on holiday

It saves time & money by avoiding stop overs at sub-standard and overpriced places
You enjoy the holiday without getting empty calories. Also save your tummy from unnecessary issues
Gives you more space to enjoy local delicacies and local cuisine

    Question now arises as what to what to carry. It has to be easy to carry and tasty (you don’t want to eat sad stuff amidst Mountains & Lakes😊)

    Here are some suggestions we can give you for your next holiday :

    • Energy Bars

    Energy Bars are easy to carry and give you energy at the right time. Just make sure you chose the right energy bar brands. Bars without added colors, preservatives but good in wholegrains & nuts to be preferred.

    There are many brands including 9GRAMS which prepare energy bars with all natural ingredients (click the link below to know the ingredients and nutritional information of 9GRAMS Bars)

    • Muesli/Granola

    While muesli is generally taken in breakfast with milk/yogurt, it can also double up as a great outdoor snack. Muesli comes in resealable zip pouches and are full of whole grains, seeds and nuts. Take a handful of muesli and munch while trekking or visiting your favourite tourist spots (or spots without tourists 😊)

    Click the link below to know what’s special in 9GRAMS Millet Muesli and how it is great snack while on travel

    • Roasted makhana’s or Matthi

    Indian snacks made in right oil (mustard, sunflower, or groundnut) are super amazing to carry on holidays. Our parents and their parents have been doing this for all their Haridwar and Varanasi trips 😊.

    Fry or Air Fry, your choice but carrying a home-made fried snack is much better than buying the trans-fat laden poor quality stuff available in most tourist locations.

    (we have marketed some of our stuff above but essentially chose any brand which makes clean stuff. Also feel free to compare ingredients in our products with any brand, we don’t hide anything in fine print)

    Won't load you with a lot of gyan but it seems, above 3 are a good starting point when you plan your next travel.

    Do let us know how did it and we will be happy to hear that

    Enjoy the holiday, Bon Voyage !!

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