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Our Features

Own Manufacturing

We manufacture on our own and have total control over product quality. 

Only Superfoods

We extensively use Millets in our products . There are absolutely no chemical additives and refined sugar.

Clean label

At 9GRAMS we offer a clean label in simple language which a consumer can understand.





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Supercrop Millet

Millets have been grown in India since ancient times and even find a mention in our Vedic scriptures. This superfood is not just nutrient dense but also a very sustainable crop- takes less time and way less water to grow.
To solve the looming food crisis, millets are the future!

Our Story

We are an Indian Brand at heart; we have created food products taking inspiration from all over world but with an Indian perspective of purity and taste.
We give you contemporary products which have best ingredients and free of unwanted food additives.

9GRAMS merges the wisdom of the past with the demands of present. Our Products are shining example of tradition reimagined for today health-conscious yet time-pressed consumers. Millets, revered for generations, find a new allure in our innovative products.
With our millet based products, we want to bring back the good old millets on the tables of urban India. These ready to eat Millets are not just easy to have, but are also nutrient dense and great for overall health. These superfoods are loaded with essential nutrients, are minimally processed without chemical preservatives but at the same time tasty as well. 

9GRAMS, our brand name is derived from the fact that all our products have min. 9grams of Protein per serving.

We also believe eating right does not necessarily mean starving yourself. All natural things are good if taken in moderation. Fat and sugar are not villains, but their quantity and type we intake.

Our story
Our mission

Our Brand Promise

Best Ingredients - All our products are curated with the best of Ingredients which are all natural, free of chemical and unwanted food additives.
We extensively use Millets in our recipes as these ancient grains are full of protein, fibre and Minerals. Just a little of them everyday will be great on your overall health.
Amazing taste - Great thing is that you don't have to compromise on taste when you choose a 9GRAMS product!
All our products go through extensive sampling before launch. The feedback on taste should be above 9 on a scale of 10 as a launch criterion for any product.
Clean Label - Our Ingredients are mentioned percentage wise on our label; you do not have to guess what are you eating and in what quantity.
There are no artificial ingredients or flavours, preservatives added anytime during the processing. We keep the processing minimal to have a nutrient dense  product