Pure Nut Butters

Made with real nuts without any added sugar or preservatives

Almond butter- 96% almonds

Rs. 390.00
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Pure Hazelnut & cocoa butter

Rs. 295.00
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Dark chocolate peanut butter

Rs. 245.00
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Cashew butter- 100% Cashews

Rs. 240.00
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Honey Coconut Peanut butter

Rs. 200.00
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Peanut Butter Unsweetened

Rs. 129.00
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Nut Butter Gift pack

Nut Butter Gift pack

Rs. 875.00 Rs. 820.00
Nut Butter Gift pack

Nut Butter Gift pack

Rs. 850.00 Rs. 790.00

Superfood Muesli

No Inflammatory Oils. No Sugar. Super tasty

Wholegrain Muesli - Almond Butter

Rs. 129.00
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Wholegrain Muesli - Peanut Butter

Rs. 129.00
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Seeds & Cranberry

Rs. 129.00
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Figs & Honey Almonds

Rs. 129.00
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Hazelnut & Cocoa

Rs. 129.00
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Chocolate & Raisins

Rs. 129.00
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Best Seller Combos

Your favourites, all at one place

Variety Pack- 5 Pure Nut Butters

Variety Pack- 5 Pure Nut Butters

Rs. 850.00 Rs. 750.00
Non-Peanut Trio-Premium

Non-Peanut Trio-Premium

Rs. 775.00 Rs. 599.00
Peanut Trio- Protein pack

Peanut Trio- Protein pack

Rs. 625.00 Rs. 499.00
Chocolate Combo - Choco Lovers

Chocolate Combo - Choco Lovers

Rs. 800.00 Rs. 700.00
Muesli- All Variants

Muesli- All Variants

Rs. 774.00 Rs. 459.00
Monthly Breakfast Kit

Monthly Breakfast Kit

Rs. 2,295.00 Rs. 1,595.00

Our key ingredients


Nut Butters

Source of healthy fats and packed with protein, fiber and magnesium.


Coconut oil

Contains MCTs, healthy fats that convert into instant fuel for the body, all while boosting immunity and brain function.


Pure honey

Packed with antioxidants & amino acid that work on immunity & boosts energy


Seeds & Nuts

High in vitamins A, B, C and E, these nutrient-dense seeds help fight free radicals

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Love from Customers

It's so creamy, the consistency is slightly thick which is great because generally natural nut butters are too thin and difficult to spread, the taste is exactly like soaked almonds with a little sweetness, packaging is convenient

Nikita Singh


This is the best nut butter I have ever tasted. Smells heavenly and tastes delicious. Comes nicely packed too. However do keep in mind there is a mild coconut flavor, which I personally love, although some might not

Abhishek D

for almond butter

Being in fitness industry for last 35 years, have tried almost all Peanut Butter brands, But i have never tasted peanut butter like this. DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS. highly recommended

Tejinder Singh

fitness expert since 1984

Best part is that its without any added sugar. Must be tried

Biswajit Basak


Got almond butter museli ... very fresh and tasty.Packaging was compact and attractive. Great taste of fresh almonds . Beyond expectations 🤗

Pradeep Sahu

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Peanut Butter Shake

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter shake-A super yummy way to start your day!

Muesli-Yogurt Moussee

So easy to make that you have no excuse not to make it today!

No Sugar Chia Pudding

So yummy, You will probably want to make a double batch! Almond butter a sweet addition