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Sprouted Ragi
Sprouted Ragi
Sprouted Ragi
Sprouted Ragi

Sprouted Ragi

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It takes a tedious 3 days process to sort- soak - sprout- sun-dry and roast the millets for this ready to cook millet pack. Prepare different and delicious breakfasts with our ready to cook range of millets. 


  • Sprouted Ragi
  • All Natural
  • 100% natural-no added colours and no chemical preservatives



9GRAMS Sprouted Grains gives you great options to prepare for breakfast. This ready to cook grain saves you ample of time while preparing a nutrient dense meal in no time.


  • Prepare Khichdi
  • Use on salads
  • Prepare desserts
  • prepare energy drinks


Q: What difference does sprouting make with the grains and lentils.
A: Sprouting helps in better absorption of grain nutrient and easy digestions. Proteins, Vitmains and minerals content for body absorbtion increases while the sprouted grain is lighter on stomach.


Q: Would this sprouted millet help me in weight loss?
A: A bowl of Sprouted millet would suffices your carbohydrate and fiber needs from wholegrains. This is a good food for weight watchers. It would take care of your morning requirement with you taking in a lot of essential minerals as well. eg, Ragi has one of the highest calcium content among the grains.




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