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Honey Peanut butter- Creamy

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  • Made with premium Peanuts slow roasted at low temperature.
  • Stone Grounded for 12 hours to bring out the creaminess and natural sweetness.
  • Cold pressed Coconut oil, Pure Honey & pinch of pink salt, that's it !
  • Made on a wet grinder with Stone blades
  • Made in small batches 
  • Gluten-free & preservative free. Everything you need and nothing you don't


We were the first to combine honey & coconut oil in peanut butter. It took us numerous permutations on energy release & nutrition to finalise these ingredients to complement peanut power. Cold pressed coconut oil + peanuts provide the right proportion of saturated & unsaturated fat.

Dietitians, naturopaths and professional athletes rely on the game changing nutrition. 9GRAMS peanut butter provides energy to perform at their best every day. The consistent delivery of energy minimizes the spike and crash associated with artificial nutrition


  • Toast spread 
  • Spoonful topping over Oats/Granola/Muesli 
  • In a smoothie or shake
  • Use in baking to make healthy cakes, cookies etc.


Q: There is sugar mentioned in nutritional info, what is that ?
A: This is natural sugar from Peanuts and Honey. There is absolutely no added white/refined/brown sugar

Q: How is it packed & delivered ?
A: 9GRAMS Peanut butter is available in 1Kg food grade plastic jar. Jar is then packed in inflatable packaging and sent directly from our production facility to ensure freshness and quality


Q: Why not use organic peanuts if you can use organic coconut oil ? 
A:  Thanks for asking a very valid question. We analysed peanut suppliers for their organic food credentials but none of them qualified the certified organic criteria. Our team is looking for farmer tie-ups to ensure 100% organic peanuts, once that happens we will launch organic peanut butter

Q: There are so many Butters in market, What is different about 9GRAMS butter?
A: Some have added hydrogenated oil, some have loads of sugar to make it tasty and in some the nut percentage is very less. But Not with 9GRAMS Nut Butters. We DO NOT add any Hydrogenated oil, there is absolutely no added sugar in all our Nut butters except Dark Chocolate peanut butter where added sugar is lowest per serving. With over 96% nuts in our Nut butters we assure that you get the best in taste and quality.

Q: Peanut Butter is only for people doing heavy exercises and gym?
A: This butter will change your perception of peanut butters. It has best texture, quality ingredients and multiple uses. Not just for gym goers, our dark chocolate peanut butter is loved by kids and adults alike. High on nutrients and packed with easily digestible proteins, it is good for gym goers and great on your taste buds as well.

 Q: What about 9GRAMS?
A:  We at 9GRAMS believe that no ingredient is bad, all we need to stay healthy is to eat in moderation and exercise daily. All our products are well curated and made with full honesty; all ingredients are listed with percentage on our product label. We balance everything and give you the product which is rich in all essentials and what more it will have 9 grams of protein in every serving!




Brands shouting Hazelnuts all over the packaging have just 6% (or less) hazelnuts. When 9GRAMS says hazelnut butter its 96% hazelnuts.

We make pure nut butters, not spreads with artificial flavors


We use wet grinder machines with stone crusher to make nut butters. This slow way to grind nuts brings creaminess which can be compared to fine chocolates.

Stone crusher produces 70% less heat & preserves natural nutrition from nuts