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Our Brand

We are an Indian Brand at heart; we have created food products taking inspiration from all over world but with an Indian perspective of purity and taste. We give you contemporary products which have best ingredients and free of unwanted food additives.

The idea of 9GRAMS started with a thought of creating contemporary food products which are loaded with essential nutrients, minimal processing without chemical preservatives but at the same time tasty as well. 9GRAMS, our brand name is derived from the fact that all our products have 9 grams of Protein per serving.
We also believe eating right does not necessarily mean starving yourself. All natural things are good if taken in moderation. Fat and sugar are not villains, but their quantity and type we intake. 


Our Brand Promise

From Our heart, for your health

 Best Ingredients
All our products curated with the best of Ingredients which are all natural, free of chemical and unwanted food additives. Unlike other regular sugar coated Muesli, Our Muesli is baked in premium Hazelnut butter. These small changes keep the product nutrients intact and you get the best in taste and an amazing aroma.
When you choose 9GRAMS, you choose health.


Amazing taste
Great thing is that you don't have to compromise on taste when you choose a 9GRAMS product! The products are so tasty that they are loved by kids and adults alike. Our fans are as young as 9 months old!


Clean label
At 9GRAMS we offer a clean label in simple language which a consumer can understand. Our Ingredients are mentioned percentage wise on our label; you do not have to guess what are you eating and in what quantity.


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