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6 grain millet
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dipped in chocolate
Nutritional info & ingredient
Nutritional info & ingredient
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baked in hazelnut butter
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6grain millet granola
6 grain millet granola

6 Grain Granola Combo

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Millets (Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Rajgira) and 2 Wholegrains (Wheat, Oats) dipped in pure hazelnut butter and mixed with chocolate made fresh from Cocoa-Beans. Lightly baked. Topped with Nuts/seeds, Berries. Granola never tasted that good ! 


1X300g 6GRAIN granola nuts and berries

1X300g 6grain granola seeds and berries


  • Only Granola to be dipped and baked in Hazelnut Butter and mixed with Chocolate
  • made with 6 Grains-4 Millets and 2 Wholegrains.
  • Enhanced with premium quality Almonds, Honey and cold pressed coconut oil
  • No Added Sugar
  • Made in small batches 
  • All Natural, No Hidden Ingredients
  • 100% natural-no added colours and no chemical preservatives



9GRAMS 6 Grain Granola is the only Granola which is baked in hazelnut butter and not sugar syrup like many regular Granolas. Packed with Goodness of Millet and wholegrain, it is topped with seeds, nuts and berries. With 9 gms of protein and 0 gms of white Sugar, each serving packs up loads of nutrients and a deliciously satisfying flavor.


  • Granola bowl mixed with Milk and Yogurt.
  • Spoonful topping over Smoothies 
  • Add in your ice-creams to give it an amazing twist.
  • Use as a snack
  • Great breakfast for weight watchers


Q: What is the difference between oats and Muesli and Granola?
A: Oats is a wholegrain that is processed into flakes that needs to be cooked before consumption. Muesli is ready to eat cereal- combination of wholegrain and add on like seeds, nuts and dried fruits like berries to keep you fill for long. Granola is a mix of grains toasted for crunchiness and makes it ready to eat


Q: Would Muesli/Granola help me in weight loss?
A: A bowl of Muesli/Granola suffices your carbohydrate and fiber needs from wholegrains, and other essentials nutrients like proteins are made up from the nuts and added seeds. This is a good food for weight watchers. It would take care of your morning requirement without you taking in any bad ingredient, though avoid muesli with added sugar or high sugar content.


Q: There are so many muesli/Granola brands available in market, what is different about 9GRAMS Granola?
A: Regular Granolas’ are baked in sugar syrup to give it a crunch. 9GRAMS Granola crunchiness comes from baking it in premium Hazelnut Butter. It is then enhanced with finest ingredients like figs, almonds, raisins and chocolate. All ingredients in our Granola are listed percentage wise so that you know what you are eating and in what quantity. Filled with goodness of wholegrain, nuts and seeds- it is all you want to start your day well.

Q: How is it packed & delivered?
A: 9GRAMS Millet Granola is available in 300gms re-sealable packs. These are made fresh and sent directly from our production facility to ensure freshness and quality


Q: What about 9GRAMS?
A:  We at 9GRAMS believe that no ingredient is bad, all we need to stay healthy is to eat in moderation and exercise daily. All our products are well curated and made with full honesty; all ingredients are listed with percentage on our product label. We balance everything and give you the product which is rich in all essentials and what more it will have minimum 9 grams of protein in every serving!


Nutritional info & ingredient list

Nutritional info & ingredient

Baked with Hazelnut Butter

Millets and oats dipped in pure hazelnut butter. lightly baked & Topped with hazelnuts, almonds, figs and raisins. This is our clean take on traditional muesli


Breakfast Sorted

Millets are powerhouse grains packed with way more fibre, phosphorous and magnesium than other grains. Our millets Granola is packed with goodness of Ragi, nuts and seeds and what more it has 9 gms of protein per serving. Consider your breakfast sorted!

Multiple uses
Not just breakfast, you can add it in smoothies, make your favourite mousse and eat it as a snack.

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