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Choco Hazelnut Spread
Choco Hazelnut Spread
Choco Hazelnut Spread
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Choco Hazelnut Spread

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Indulgence has never been so healthy !! Nuts (67%) means good fat, plant protein and lot of micro nutrients. Some chocolate & coconut oil to make this stuff a real treat!

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  • Made with Hazelnuts and almonds, slow roasted at low temperature to maintain the nutrients. 
  • 100% Natural-no chemical preservatives, no emulsifiers, no hydrogenated fats.
  • Chocolate is made in-house to ensure that no emulsifier or preservative goes into our product
  • No Refined Sugar only organic brown sugar is added.
  • Made on a wet grinder with Stone blades
  • Made in small batches 
  • Unmatched creaminess, Aroma and taste.
  • All Natural, No Hidden Ingredients
  • Loved by kids and adults alike.


9GRAMS hazelnut Spread is made with best quality ingredients and has a great combinations which gives our spread a distinct taste. what's more the chocolate is made in house to ensure the quality of ingredients we put in our spread. 


  • Toast spread 
  • Smooth texture and chocolate make it a good substitute for dairy butter in baking.
  • Spoonful topping over Oats/Granola/Muesli 
  • In a smoothie or shake
  • Great way to feed kids real nuts and not hydrogenated fats.


Q: There are so many Spreads in market, What is different about 9GRAMS Spread?
A: Some have added hydrogenated oil, some have loads of sugar to make it tasty and in some the nut percentage is very less. But Not with 9GRAMS Nut Butters. We DO NOT add any Hydrogenated oil, there is absolutely no Refined sugar but organic brown sugar and it is lowest per serving. With a best mix of ingredients we assure that you get the best in taste and quality.

Q: Why use these hazelnut based spreads?
A: 9GRAMS Hazelnut Spread has 67% nuts; 27% chocolate and just 5% organic brown sugar. A lot of hazelnut based spreads which flood the market are hydrogenated oil based, have nearly 50% refined sugar and less than 10% Hazelnuts.

9GRAMS hazelnut spread is a great spread on your toasts, a taste enhancer for your smoothies and goes great in baking. Being in a pasty form it is easy to consume by both elderly and young kids who cannot have Nuts. 

Q: How is it packed & delivered?
A: 9GRAMS Hazelnut Spread is available in 200gms and 1 Kg packs. These are then packed in inflatable packaging as per their weight and sent directly from our production facility to ensure freshness and quality

Q: What about 9GRAMS?
A:  We at 9GRAMS believe that no ingredient is bad, all we need to stay healthy is to eat in moderation and exercise daily. All our products are well curated and made with full honesty; all ingredients are listed with percentage on our product label. We balance everything and give you the product which is rich in all essentials and what more it will have 9 grams of protein in every serving!

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Brands shouting Hazelnuts all over the packaging have just 6% (or less) hazelnuts. When 9GRAMS says hazelnut spread its 67% nuts and 27% chocolate.

100% natural products and  absolutely no artificial flavors, no chemical preservatives and no hydrogenated oil. 


We use wet grinder machines with stone crusher to make nut butters. This slow way to grind nuts brings creaminess which can be compared to fine chocolates.

Stone crusher produces 70% less heat & preserves natural nutrition from nuts