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Benefits of soaking Seeds and Nuts

Benefits of soaking Seeds and Nuts

Nuts and seeds are terrific nutrient heavy snack. There is tremendous amount of information sharing on these products which happens on web and social media.In fact, pumpkin and sunflower seeds today are kept the first shelf of all major supermarkets in India


But what people really miss out on is that consuming superfood is not enough, ensuring the absorption of nutrients in the body is extremely important.

Raw nuts and seeds contain moderate level of Phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors which safeguard the seed until proper growing condition is available. Phytic acids remains attached with minerals present in superfood and this prevents the nutrient absorption in the body.

This essentially means that you are not able to extract the benefits of superfood which you are consuming.


This is the reason it is helpful to reduce the phytic acid levels in Seeds and Nuts especially so for children who are still developing enzymes which can digest these plant foods.

Now letโ€™s understand what happens when a Seed or Nut is soaked. Soaking the nut and dehydrating it by roasting (lightly) breaks the seed coat and reduces this anti-nutrient content. Roasting after soaking improves the quality of roasting and gives a crunchy experience.

While in Indian culture, naturally soaking and sprouting is a age old technique, this step is hardly ever taken with large scale production since it is time consuming.

9GRAMS is the only brand which does and proudly displays the same on packaging that the seeds present are soaked overnight. Soaking is the secret of that amazing crunch which differentiates us makes our products a real ready to eat superfood snack

Do ask your Pumpkin seed brand next time if the seeds are soaked ๐Ÿ˜Š

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