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Eating Healthy
Getting back in my Kitchen

Getting back in my Kitchen

There has been tremendous change in our lifestyle in last 10 years, the change is fast and so is the effect on our body. Of so many people in our cities, why do we rarely get to see an adult without belly fat? Our sedentary lifestyle coupled with our food habits has given rise to a new age epidemic that is belly fat.


Just 15 years back, it was non-existent and more to do with the life of luxury and zero physical activity. Now people in all classes of society are increasingly facing this issue.

The way out of this is the combination of right physical exercise coupled with the right food. We are going back to the food our elders used to eat after realising that no good will come out if we blindly follow the west.

Some nuts and seeds which were so common just 2 generations back are again becoming a part of Indian kitchen. Just like fox nuts which has tried to replace unhealthy chips, these nuts and seeds are a healthy alternate to other fried snacks.

Filled with proteins and no sugar these are good not just for gym goers but also for any individual who rarely finds time to hit the gym. Here are few seeds and nuts which are here to replace your fried snacks and avoid inches around your belly

Pumpkin seeds
With high protein and omega 3 fatty acids these tasty seeds not only help you keep a healthy heart but also glowing skin and strong hair. With no trans fats these seeds ought to keep the belly fat away. There are numerous ways where these seeds can be eaten; flavored seeds serve as anytime snack, they can also be eaten sprinkled on salads, with sautéed vegetables, in trail mix and in Granola.

Sunflower seeds
Rich in B complex vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids, these will keep your nervous system sound and heart healthy. Sunflower seeds enhance taste of green salads, roasted sunflower seeds can be eaten as any time snack.

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and all nine essential amino acids to give a protein punch. It is a high-antioxidant food and extremely good for your skin and hair. Handful of almonds everyday would supplement your daily dose of Vitamin E and antioxidants.

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