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Life under COVID-19 shadow | 5 Healthy Choices

Life under COVID-19 shadow | 5 Healthy Choices

It's morning 7' o clock, Rahul wakes up checks his phone and the first news on the phone is statistics on Coronavirus. This is how most people start, spend and end their day these days. 

The threat is real, and nobody can deny that. However, the guidelines (real guidelines and not whatsapp forwards) are also very clear and simple. Be extra careful on hygiene and absolutely reduced social contact.

Question then comes as to what should be done:

  1. First and foremost, for guidelines refer only to the government/WHO and no other source
  2. Work consciously to reduce stress of the outbreak (details on this below)
  3. Spend more quality time with family
  4. Re-look at your food and lifestyle habits towards better immunity
  5. Reflect on new opportunities & areas you can focus once this wind stops

Most important point from above is point no. 2. With negative news constantly flowing 24x7, it requires a conscious effort to manage stress levels. Start with basic exercises like Sit-ups and yoga. Utilise your balcony or terrace for doing these exercises. There are enough and more yoga sessions available on youtube, utilise them and practice. Most people are working from home so you have extra time which otherwise used to go into commute and getting ready.

Reduce the share of news time and rather spend it on listening to music of your choice. With all Bluetooth speakers and air pods, this is an easy option which brings back smile and reduces anxiety. Also, take out those old board games to play indoor with family.


All of us get lot of ideas during the day but day-to-day is such an energy guzzler that we never have time to write them on a piece of paper. Write them now and think hard on them. Some of these ideas will move forward and some will go to dustbin but this exercise will force you to think and will give a feeling of fulfilment

Medical crises always bring the focus on right diet and in case of Coronavirus outbreak, the situation is no different. Challenge some old habits and substitute them with healthier options.

One example of this is substituting dairy based butters which have very high saturated fats with Healthy Nut Butters at least 2-3 days in a week. Another could be substituting fried namkeens with more nuts and seeds based snacking options. These simple options boost your immunity and make you strong from inside.

Options are many but Choice is yours. Start today !!

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