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Choose right nutrition while travelling

Choose right nutrition while travelling

With the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha happening in Ayodhya Dham on 22 January, the internet is filled with people looking for options for travelling to Ayodhya, AirBnB in Ayodhya and in general places to visit in Ayodhya. 

While you will get ample information about these questions on travel dedicated portals and blogs, we are focussing here on travel nutrition. Or in simple words, how you maintain energy while travelling,  and at the same time enjoy the top places to eat in Ayodhya, Varanasi or any other place which you visit for leisure travel or spiritual travel 

People have different choices, Some like to stay in fully augmented hotels while others prefer AirBnB, homestay or other options which allow people to ensure a good place to sleep but keep everything else like food open for experimentation. 

At 9GRAMS, we are the promoter of healthy travel and travel which provides you energy to enjoy the full day of sightseeing and still leave energy to enjoy evenings with friends and family.  People in the old times were aware of this need, you will still see your grandparents and elders carrying thepla, matthi, chakli, banana chips or other snacks while they are travelling. The size of these snacks sometimes weight more than the rest of the luggage 🙂

There is a lot of logic in combining this old technique with new ways of enjoying the best places at the same time. Make reels, take pictures, post on instagram, enjoy everything and still keep the nutrition intact. 

9GRAMS offers multiple easy options which travellers can carry. Order them in advance and stock them. Carry them along and you will save money, have better nutrition and will not regret eating wrong stuff post the holiday. 

  • Muesli packs - Carrying 300g packs of muesli is a great option. Milk and Yogurt are available everywhere. You can even eat muesli with flavoured milk available at all stores. There are multiple topping variants available such as Seeds and Cranberry Muesli, Hazelnut & Cocoa Muesli. Figs & Honey almonds and Chocolate Muesli
  • Energy bars and Protein Bars - High protein 20g per bar, regular snack bars and bite sized mini bars. All are available. They can be carried in a backpack and you can enjoy it on the go
  • Nut Butters : Even Virat Kohli carries the jar of Peanut Butter while travelling. This is a simple and easy way to pump up protein and healthy fat in the body. 9GRAMS offer Peanut butter chocolate, Natural peanut butter, Almond butter, hazelnut spread, cashew butter . Based on your likings, you can pick the nut butter of your choice. No need to carry large 1kg jars but handy 350gm packs are easy to sneak into your luggage and even in the backpack. 

So, next time you plan to travel, don’t feel shy in carrying in your nutrition along  

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