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Muesli fruit and nuts

Are these fruits Real ?

Most commonly available muesli variants available in the Indian market are Muesli fruit and nuts and Muesli Fruit and Seeds.

While purchasing Muesli in the supermarket or online, a consumer looks at these titles and assumes that this healthy breakfast cereal has all possible sources for the right nutrition. i.e. Carbs from whole grains, natural sugars and vitamins from fruits and protein from nuts/seeds. 

All good till here, right ? 

NO, all is not well here.

The fruits which you get here are not dry fruits like Raisins, Figs or Cranberries. What you get are called "candied fruits" which in simple language means Fruit pieces dipped in sugar syrups and preservatives. No one knows how old they are and what their sources are. 

Consumers never signed up for this, Did they ? 

Candied fruits are cheap ingredients used as toppings in muesli, granola and trail mixes. While in many western countries, candied fruits fulfil the need since fresh fruits are not available in harsh winters. But for a country like India (and many others in South Asia), where every season brings amazing fruits and there is ample sunlight, There is no reason for us to include candied fruits. Instead sun dried natural berries like Figs, Green and black Raisins are great options. 

Muesli benefits as breakfast cereal are many but more important is to ensure what these muesli ingredients consist of. Muesli with oats, millets or any other wholegrain combined with quality nuts and dried berries acts as great breakfast idea. It's just that we need to ensure the clean ingredients are in place. 

9GRAMS Muesli never contain candied fruits, we always ensure to use naturally sweet and sundried berries such as Figs, Black Raisins, Green Kishmish & Cranberries.  

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