Rising consumer awareness & healthy snack brands

Rising consumer awareness & healthy snack brands

Food startups in India which are nutrition focussed are welcoming as well as adding the diet focussed consumers. High on clean nutrition agenda, starts in food sector have created a new niche and also challenging the established players to get more serious on product ingredients, preservative usage and sourcing of raw materials
9GRAMS is one of these best food start-ups in India. While focussed on nutrition 9GRAMS also is high on taste agenda to ensure that healthy food doesn’t become a fad for few daysand rather sustains on the daily menu
Consumer awareness and social media has ensured that consumers today know as much as the brand (if not more). There is constant reminder on social media to make small changes in the diet and be more health conscious. This has fueled the growth of Healthy snacks and Healthy snacking companies in India. Snacks compromise almost 25-30% of the daily calories and stocking them without the thought on nutrition can topple best of meal plans. 
Conscious snacking is appearing as a key segment of consumer awareness and more and more information gets to the consumers on this subject everyday. 
The information sources for consumers are also widening, earlier it was just the gym coach or if you are well-off then nutritionist. Now the prescriptive sort of nutrition information is giving space to new sets of knowledge which the consumer finds themselves. 
Scalability of the health food brands in India was an issue around 3-4 years back when the market was too small, awareness was limited to few cities and certain pockets only, however things have changed. 9GRAMS and many others have put in lot of efforts and energy in ensuring that the message of healthy packaged food reaches to the wider audience
Over the years, 9GRAMS has conducted many corporate awareness campaigns in offices of large to medium sized companies, we also ran campaigns in numerous exhibitions and events. Best part of these campaigns is that consumers want to talk, they are not in a rush to buy and check-out. Conversation with customers would on average go on for 10-15 mins and each query related to manufacturing process, production composition, founder’s background etc are seeked by the customers. 
For examples 9GRAMS Almond Butter, people are really curious to understand how a brand manufactures Almond butter with overnight soaked almonds. What kind of machines are there on which such healthy spread for breakfast is made and how is it packed ?
There is a long way for 9GRAMS and other food brand in India in terms of consumer awareness and knowledge and we will continue to spend our time and efforts around this important part. 

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