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Why is choosing the right Muesli important ?

Why is choosing the right Muesli important ?

A simple “Muesli” search on amazon will give you more than 50 brands and on top that you can find numerous simple and healthy muesli recipes. Our research says, people also look for the best millet for diabetes , the best muesli for weight loss or best muesli in India

With all this, the question arises as to why and how to choose the best muesli ? Well it’s not the reviews and ratings on marketplaces, it’s not even the recommendation from top bollywood celebrities or so called ‘fitness influencers’

It’s a 1 minute effort on the part of the consumer to read the ingredients and their percentage (written in front of every ingredient).  Check for cheap filler ingredients, Corn grits, refined wheat flour (maida), Cereal extract. 

These all and many others are used to coat the wholegrains (if any) used in muesli. Simple maths, this increases the weight of the content and while the main ingredient list has wholegrain written, it’s these fillers which are included more than actual wholegrain.   

Let’s understand more about these fillers. Where do they come from and what it means for you in terms of nutrition. Simply put, these are the cheapest form of grains, highly refined and mostly are the by-products from industries which process primary grains. If not used in your muesli, this would have gone to animal feed for sure. 

All this mixing etc. reduces the so-called COGS (Cost of goods sold) for food companies. COGS is an important metric used in measuring the health of companies.

At 9GRAMS, we follow a little different COGS strategy. With 100% in-house production, COGS for us is the primary source of driving product quality. We might cut on marketing but quality and proportion of ingredients needed will not be reduced to match a targeted COGS. 

In order to achieve products which are high in protein, high in fibre, 100% natural. Taste and feel fresh, ingredients are the key and that’s what we at 9GRAMS strive for. 

Do check the ingredients for the top brand and find the filler ingredients :)

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